An adventure in and around Auroville

Cycling Around Auroville

To explore Auroville on a cycle is a neat thing to do. The many cycle paths, maps are available at the Visitors Centre, take you off the main roads and paint quite a different picture of the township. Cycles can be rented in guest houses and at the Visitors Centre.

Once you have spent some time in the Auroville jungle exploring the nooks and crannies you might want to check out the vicinity and the cycle is the perfect companion for that.

Roughly to the north is the Kaliveli tank or lake. It is a seasonal wetland with a gradient from freshwater to brackish water. It is an important feeding point for migratory birds. There is a small road that leads from Koluveri (stop and look out for the two banyan trees with flying foxes in them) to Karattai along the edge of the tank. Be careful though, after heavy rains some of the road is flooded and you are either very adventurous or you better avoid it after the rainy season.




Close to Karattai is Uppuvelur which has an interesting Jain statue.

bike4      bike3

To the west of Auroville you can find plenty of granite mines. The single tracks between them are a heaven for mountain bike riders who like it a bit rough. If you get lost in the maze of mines ask for Mailam Road which will bring you quickly back to Auroville.

To the south-west of Auroville is Osudu Lake.

There are several ways to reach the lake and get back. If you look it up on a map check out Poothurai Rd which is the most direct way and probably the nicest one. And since you are there already have a look at the Gingee River. It is dry most of the time but even the river bed is worth a visit. Follow TV Malai Main Rd to the west and you get to a bridge that spans the river.

For more information about cycling in and around Auroville you may want to visit Aurovelo. Our local cycle shop with café. They also have the most experienced cycle mechanics around should you encounter a problem with your ride.

The cycle enthusiasts hang out there and it is often their starting point. There are several groups that leave on fixed times during the week and depending on how far you want to venture out you can join one group or the other.

by Stephan

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Reed Diffuser – An Elegant Home Fragrance Solution

While there’s no question that what you see around your house is important, one shouldn’t neglect the other senses when it comes to creating a happy home. Smell, in particular, can be a huge factor in creating an inviting and welcoming space for everyone.

Fragrances bring life to the air, they turn a home into an oasis of well-being. And the best thing is that  adding scent to the air is really simple nowadays .Reed Diffusers are the hottest trend right now in home fragrance and is a great way to add constant fragrance to your home.  Reed diffusers are the best alternative to candles and have a wonderful long – lasting aromatic scent while being flame-free.


The Flower and Reeds in Maroma’s Flower Blush Reed Diffusers slowly develop a tinge as the cotton wick of the sola flower and the reeds draw up the tinted perfume along with the fragrance, transforming the petals slowly from ivory to a different color, while diffusing the fragrance upwards and into the surrounding area.The flower in this diffuser is made from natural, soft Sola Wood which is derived from the Tapioca plant.

Each petal is individually hand carved, after which the petals are tied around a cotton wick to form a flower in full bloom. The Reeds are made from rattan and have a capillary action that also draws up the perfume and releases the fragrance in the same manner. The flower gives the perfume a more intense ” throw ” and continues to release the fragrance even after the liquid is used up.




Nothing evokes that tropical feeling quite like the Frangipani.Frangipani tree is known as the “Tree of Life” and highly regarded for centuries for its healing powers. The romantic scent of frangipani can last for many long hours due to its high concentration and originally strong aroma and is used in high class perfumery. Its scent encourages a sensual and almost provocative response due to its rich and exotic floral smell



Jasmine has been known the world over for its sweet, exotic fragrance for thousands of years and it symbolizes beauty, sensuality and purity.The word jasmine comes from the Persian word ‘Yasmin’ which means ‘gift from God’. The origin of this flower’s name clearly states that people have always felt blessed to have the scent of jasmine nearby.



Lavender is best known and loved for its nostalgic fragrance. It’s beauty and aroma speak of grace, elegance and femininity. Lavender’s effect on the mind is incredible – it is both stimulating and calming.  A refreshing note to a tired mind – lavender has been named as one of the most useful of the essences for the relief of anxiety and stress.



The lotus flower is a symbol of beauty, purity, and fertility.  Lotus flowers are water-fresh, clean, and slightly powdery in nature.  Not too sweet, absolutely perfect!  Even people who do not like florals will love this aroma!



Lemongrass is the perfect scent for when you need an energy boost. It has a very clean, crisp aroma, with a distinct citrusy lemon feel with a touch of botanical grasses. It is praised for its stimulating properties and exotic fragrance. The overall effect is purifying, refreshing, and energizing.



The smell of a rose is one of those experiences that can ignite fond memories of young love and backyard gardens.Whether it was the ancient Greeks, Romans, Christians, Freemasons or others, the rose has always been a timeless symbol of love, beauty and balance.



Rarely in the history of fragrance has a creation embodied such enchantment, mystery, magic, and exoticism.Opium arouses the senses with an exotic blend of lush florals, rich spices, and deep wood notes.



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Love Dark Chocolate!

orange_1 coconut_milk_1Eating dark chocolate provides you with energy, fat, minerals and antioxidants to help maintain your overall health. These benefits come from the cocoa beans, which are roasted, ground and mixed with cocoa butter and sugar to form a chocolate bar.

Besides being delicious, dark chocolate offers health benefits. Cocoa beans, its basic ingredient, are rich in flavanols, which are antioxidants that ward off damage to your cells and organs. Dark chocolate thus provides flavanols that help guard the body against conditions such as heart disease. Research studies indicate that flavanols in dark chocolate keep cholesterol from accumulating in the blood vessels, and improve blood flow.

Eating dark chocolate also provides you with a variety of minerals including iron, magnesium, copper and manganese.

Dark chocolate also gives you a variety of antioxidants, such as polyphenols. Antioxidants help prevent damage in your body caused by oxidative stress and harmful free radicals. According to an article published in the January 2005 issue of the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,” consuming polyphenols may reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases, such heart disease, cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis. The antioxidants found in chocolate may also help improve your overall immune function to prevent other types of illness and disease as well.


Doesn’t all this sounds great! This means that you can eat dark chocolate (in moderation of course) without feeling super guilty. But be aware that a lot of the chocolate bars that you can find in your local supermarket are full of sugar and compound (a substitute for the rich cacao butter), which have no health benefit whatsoever.

We do love the chocolate of the Auroville Unit Mason & Co, who make fine artisan and gourmet bars. It is made with organic cacao beans grown by Indian farmers, it’s vegan and is superior quality.

And by the way our favorites are: Peanut Butter, Sea Salt, Orange and Peppermint 🙂


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FoodLink – organic grains from Auroville

We are very proud to introduce FoodLink as one of our new suppliers.

FoodLink is Auroville’s central collection and distribution point for Auroville’s farm produce, and thus a vital link between farms and community. From here, the fresh organic food is supplied to Auroville’s collective kitchens, restaurants, schools, food processors, and the Pour Tous outlets, PTPS & PTDC. Occasional surplus is sold to customers outside Auroville.

We are offering red rice and Varagu polished and unpolished organically grown in Auroville farms and unprocessed so that it retains all its nutrients. .

Red rice has lots of fiber and also the flavor is significantly more powerful compared to hulled rice, tasting more nutty and full. Red rice works well with a number of foods and also eaten by itself, also it can be included in risotto and other combined rice dishes too. It Contains antioxidants, Vitamin B6, it can Lower High Cholesterol, it has lots of fiber and  it is a great source of Magnesium.

Varagu polished and unpolished is a millet that was mentioned as a treasured crop in the Bible. This tiny “grain” is gluten-free and packed with vitamins and minerals. It is a great source of Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin B and Antioxidants.

polished_varagu_1            unpolished_varagu_1                    red_rice_3

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Awareness Through The Body

water-droplets-692019_1280Awareness Through the Body (ATB), started in the schools of Auroville in July 1992. What was intended as a program to improve the posture of the children, quickly evolved into a program to help children develop their capacity for attention, concentration and relaxation, while enhancing their ability for self awareness and their sense of responsibility.

Over the years Awareness Through the Body has become a way towards a more conscious and fulfilling life for both children and adults. Through a wide variety of exercises and games, Awareness through the Body offers individuals opportunities to come to know themselves better, to explore the complexity of their being, and find ways to integrate and harmonize this complexity around their inmost centre.

Over time ideas and exercises from a wide variety of disciplines have been added and adapted to the ATB work and many new exercises developed. The activities ATB offers are creative and often fun.

The program works by first bringing the individual into the witness attitude where he/she can better listen, without judging or analyzing, to the many stimuli he/she is continuously receiving from both his inner and outer world. Later, through the various and varied explorations, the individual can find its own way to better manage his being.

The ATB program has been an integral part of the school’s curriculum in Auroville over 22 years. It is currently implemented in 3 kindergartens and 5 primary schools. There are also teachers in other countries implementing exercises and the way of working of ATB in their classrooms.

ATB is regularly offered to groups of adults, teachers, therapists, and people interested in self-growth here in Auroville and in various places in the world.

You want to know more about Awareness Through The Body? Order the Book from Auroville here

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Mandala Pottery

square_bowl_set_of_4-1We are very happy to introduce Mandala Pottery on! We took some time to find a new potter, who could provide us with their items. Our choice fell on Mandala, because their products are handmade, unique and made in Auroville. Mandala Pottery items have an artisan touch, like our favorite Elephant mug.

We can proudly say that it was the first line that we shot ourselves! It was a lot of work but it was worth it! We wanted to present not only the beauty of the pottery but also the feel.

Mandala Pottery was started 1994 in Auroville. They started from scratch, teaching themselves, learning by doing. Slowly the demand for their handmade pottery items grew and they were unable to fulfill the orders. In 1998 Mandala Pottery started a cooperation with local potters in the surrounding villages.

In 2001 they started producing tiles and murals, expanding their production, ready for a new adventure.At Mandala Pottery most of the production pieces are high fired in a wood and/or  gas up to 1300 degrees. All of the products are lead-free and food-save. You can put the pottery items in the microwave and the dishwasher.


Most of the clay that is used at Mandala Pottery is from local sources. They have a vast variety of glazes,  developed and tested by the them. The glazes are lead-free and food-save. The wood that is used for the ovens is locally grown.  Discover Mandala Pottery on!

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